Steven Blevins has always had an interest for sound, starting a musical lifestyle at the age of 5 by playing the violin. In his teens, most of Steven's free time was spent with friends making goofy short films and playing the drums. This is when he began to grow a true appreciation for the craft of music production and filmmaking. What truly struck an interest with him, however, was the sound aspect of film, and the infinite possibilities to create that exact sound to capture a scene perfectly.

Steven is a graduate of SCAD (The Savannah College of Art and Design) with a BFA in Sound Design - Magna Cum Laude. He now lives in the Greater Los Angeles area, where he looks to further pursue his career in sound.

Whether it be composing music for a film, field recording to capture sound effects, implementing and designing game audio assets, editing sound effects for an animation, or running an ADR or Foley session, Steven has experience in all aspects of sound, giving him an earnest understanding of all the steps required in sound design to create a superb final product.